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Desert Bighorn Sheep inhabited this historic habitat since the early 1900's. The early years of the European Mining and later the introduction of domestic livestock, had made a huge impact and seen a major decline in the bighorn sheep population almost to a point of total extinction.


In the late 1990's, the San Juan River sheep herd had been taken under control of the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife. Beginning with a handful of native sheep in the upper canyon area, excellent management practices had shown a significant increase in the sheep population. In just a few short years, Navajo desert bighorn have flourished into a sizable number in the upper canyon San Juan River in southeastern Utah.


In 2003, to keep from over populating and to expand the sheep herd, a small number of bighorn were transplanted in a new area in the lower canyon of the San Juan River. The sheep have extended its range approximately 25 river miles above and below the release site. The bighorn have thrived and grew in population through out the lower canyon of the San Juan.


Navajo bighorn hunting started back in the year 2000. Hunters acquiring these permits have been funding the protection and enhancement of the present and future of native desert bighorn sheep on the Navajo Nation. To this day, excellent management practices and dedication from the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife and local bighorn sheep experts, has shown diligent efforts for the preservation of Navajo Bighorn Sheep.


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